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Skin tissue histology sample production service

Skin tissue histology sample production

For manufacturing and evaluating skin tissue samples used for microscopic observation that can identify histological changes, comparing and analyzing the expression patterns of various proteins and target components, including collagen.

In order to provide reliable results, a professional researcher skilled in skin histology is performing the task, and custom staining and analysis services are available.

· Tissue Processing
· Paraffin block production
· Unstained slide production (Use silane coated slide )

· A method of analyzing by putting several tissues together on one slide.
· Minimize edge effects between groups during IHC.
· Customized TMA block can be produced

· H&E staining samples to observe morphological changes in skin tissue.
- Hematoxylin & Eosin stain

· Various tissue staining is possible to observe the expression patterns of collagen, pigmentation and Mast cells in the skin.
- Masson’s Trichrome, Fontana Masson, Toluidine blue
· Each staining method has a protocol optimized for skin tissue.

· Selective staining that can be used to analyze various indicator substances that can be used to evaluate inflammatory reactions, aging, moisturizing, and skin barrier functions in the skin.
- IL-6, IL-8, Laminin, Collagen-4, 7, 17, Nidogen, Aquaporin-3, Claudin-1, Filaggrin, Loricrin, etc.

· Image analysis and statistical analysis of slides that have undergone special staining and IHC staining.
· Having a self-analysis protocol optimized for each marker for skin tissue.

· Request receipt > quotation and test plan > sample receipt > experiment progress > report preparation

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